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Intercessory Prayer

by Mel Robins 2 years ago

Intercessory Prayer

Job 16:21 -- Oh that one might plead for a man with God, as a man pleaded for his neighbor!

Job 16:21 (NLT - New Living Translation)  I need someone to mediate between God and me as a person mediate between friends.


     1. Intercessory for who?

           One another


     2. Who is to intercede?

           We the believers


     3. Give examples of intercessory payer in Scripture?

           Jesus for the disciples


     4. What does it take to be an intercessor?

           A believer, faith, sincerity and perseverance


     5. Why intercede?

          We are encouraged to; concern


     6. How great is the need for intercessory prayer today? Explain.

          The need is great. In these days, there is more troubled than ever before.


     7. Is intercessory prayer as powerful toady?



     8. How are we fighting for Righteousness and Salvation in the world today?

          Speaking truth and standing for righteousness, regardless of the circumstances.


     9. Are we using enough force?

          Not always


   10. So, how is the fight going?

          Rough at times, yet still yet holding firm.

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